Why are we not angry about rape yet?

Had the misfortune of listening to a conversation between 3 women about gang rape. It left me sick to the stomach. They were talking about a woman from Mbare who was gang raped by 4 men.

Woman 1:  “Vanenge vachimbonyanyo ita zvekuita sei? Kukuchinjana asi? Like one akapedza mumwe okuita?”

Woman 2: “Ehe zve. Manje uyu hanzi vakati vamusiirana vese, mumwe wacho kwava kumupamha”

Woman 1: “Tjah, kufizura munhu chaiko”

Woman 3: “Kana chinonzi murume hauzombodi kuchiona futi. FOUR! Iye one achikusiya vatyoka mabhonzo. Argh ma1
The conversation went on and at some point I couldn’t bear it. I walked away. Rape is not sex! Which part of this don’t people get? A woman is gang raped and the first thought of another woman is “kufizura munhu”. Kufizura munhu is to tire them out. Surely that can’t be our level of feeling, the depth of our anger when we live in a country where almost 7,000 are raped every year. Why are we not angry yet?